Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly

A clearinghouse for the latest tax ideas, techniques, and practice pointers in oil and gas taxation and accounting.

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ISBN: 9780820515205
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Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly is a quarterly source of information featuring a collection of developments and perspectives on the oil, gas, and energy sectors. It includes four regular columns--Recent Texas Oil & Gas Cases; Continuing Professional Education; Recent Articles From Energy Blogs; and Financial Reporting Developments--in addition to columns on relevant topics written by other contributors. Features include:

•  Timely and insightful articles by experienced practitioners on all phases of oil and gas tax law accounting and practice

•  Comments and digests of revenue rulings

•  Decisions in important cases and appeals (acquiescences and non-acquiescences)

•  Analysis and comments on proposed and new legislation and regulations

•  Reviews of new books and articles


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