Ohio Real Property Law and Practice

Includes virtually everything an attorney needs to practice real estate law in Ohio: two volumes of indispensable analysis, practice tips, checklists, and forms.
Publisher: Michie

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The Sixth Edition of Ohio Real Property Law and Practice includes virtually everything an attorney needs to practice real estate law in Ohio: two volumes of indispensable analysis, practice tips, checklists, and forms. This valuable resource is authored by Michael J. Sikora III.

What's New or Improved in the Sixth Edition:

•   New! Checklists, Warnings and Practice Tips have been inserted throughout the chapters, in an easy-to-find format that provides you with critical information at a glance.
•   New analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court's eminent domain decision in Kelo v. City of New London.
•   Downloadable file provides electronic versions of customizable forms and saves valuable drafting time.
•   Comprehensive and practical coverage of contracts, deeds, title, condominiums, mortgages, mechanics' liens, landlord-tenant law, zoning, taxes and eminent domain.
•   Separate indexes for analysis and forms help you find the information you need quickly and efficiently.
•   New loose-leaf format gives you seamless updates of analysis and forms.

Ohio Real Property Law and Practice, Sixth Edition is an indispensable two-volume publication and timesaving tool for any attorney who advises real estate clients.

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Table of contents

Volume 1 
Chapter 1 Contracts
Chapter 2 Brokers And Agency Law
Chapter 3 Installment Land Contracts
Chapter 4 Deeds
Chapter 5 Escrows And Closings
Chapter 6 Title To Real Estate
Chapter 7 Adverse Possession
Chapter 8 Boundaries And Surveys
Chapter 9 Co-tenancy And Joint Ownership
Chapter 10 Estates And Future Interests
Chapter 11 Condominiums And Planned Unit Developments
Chapter 12 Fixtures, Crops And Timber
Chapter 13 Waters And Riparian Rights
Chapter 14 Minerals, Oil And Gas
Chapter 15 Easements And Licenses
Chapter 16 Covenants And Restrictions
Chapter 17 Mortgages
Chapter 18 Mechanics' Liens And Other Involuntary Liens
Chapter 19 Foreclosure And Judicial Sales
Chapter 20 Landlord/Tenant Law (Non-Residential)
Chapter 21 Residential Landlord-Tenant Act; Evictions
Chapter 22 Zoning
Chapter 23 Platting, Subdivision And Dedication
Chapter 24 Taxes And Assessments
Chapter 25 Eminent Domain
Chapter 26 Environmental Regulation
Chapter 27 Tort Liability
Analysis Index

Volume 2
Chapter 100 Acknowledgments
Chapter 200 Breach Of Real Estate Contract Or Lease
Chapter 300 Brokerage Agreements
Chapter 400 Chattels Real: Coal, Oil, Gas, Minerals And Timber
Chapter 500 Condominiums And PUDs
Chapter 600 Construction Contracts
Chapter 700 Contracts For Sale
Chapter 800 Contracts Other Than For Sale
Chapter 900 Deeds
Chapter 1000 Disentitlement And Sale
Chapter 1100 Easements And Licenses; Boundaries
Chapter 1200 Eminent Domain
Chapter 1300 Escrows; Closings
Chapter 1400 Eviction; Ejectment
Chapter 1500 Executors And Administrators; Land Sales
Chapter 1600 Farming Agreements; Crops
Chapter 1700 Foreclosure And Forfeiture
Chapter 1800 Guardians
Chapter 1900 Insolvency
Chapter 2000 Leases
Chapter 2100 Liens (Miscellaneous); Execution
Chapter 2200 Mechanics' Liens
Chapter 2300 Miscellaneous Actions Related To Real Estate
Chapter 2400 Mortgages
Chapter 2500 Options
Chapter 2600 Chapterition
Chapter 2700 Platting; Dedication
Chapter 2800 Powers Of Attorney
Chapter 2900 Quiet Title
Chapter 3000 Restrictive Covenants
Chapter 3100 Societies Not Incorporated
Chapter 3200 Titles; Surveys
Chapter 3300 Trusts
Forms Index