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North Carolina Rules of Evidence with Objections

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Book + CD :One Volume, Softbound, 208 pages
4th Edition
ISBN: 9781601560414
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4th Edition
ISBN: 9781632814326
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4th Edition
ISBN: 9781632814326
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At 4-by-6 inches, this complete reference guide to North Carolina evidence rules travels easily to the courtroom or classroom. NITA's handy guide enables you to quickly reference objections and responses during trial, instantly consult the relevant section of the North Carolina Rules of Evidence reproduced in its entirety in the last section of the book, gain insight into crucial practice tips and legal interpretations, and access to the rules when you them the most. This pocket-sized guide is always handy and includes a mini-CD with the entire book hyperlinked and bookmarked for easy use.

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Table of Contents


Ambiguous Questions

Apology by Medical Provider

Argumentative Questions

Asked and Answered Questions

Assuming Facts Not in Evidence

Authentication of Instruments

Authentication of Telephone Conversation and Voices

Character Evidence

Competence to Testify

Compound Questions

Compromise/Offers of Compromise

Cross Examination

Dead Man's Statute


Expert Opinion

Firsthand Knowledge

Guilty Pleas

Habit and Routine Practice


Hearsay Exception

Present Sense Impression

Public Records and Reports

Records of Documents Affecting an Interest in Property

Recorded Recollection

Records of Regularly Conducted Activity (Business Records)

Records of Religious Organizations

Records of Vital Statistics

Reputation as to Character

Reputation Concerning Boundaries or General History

Reputation Concerning Personal or Family History

Requirement of Unavailability for Rule 804 Hearsay Exceptions

Statement Against Interest

Statement in Ancient Documents

Statement in Documents Affecting an Interest in Property

Statement of Personal or Family History

Statement for Purposes of Medical Diagnosis or Treatment

Statement under Belief of Impending Death

Then Existing Mental or Emotional Condition

Then Existing Physical Condition


Insurance Against Liability

Judicial Notice

Lay Opinion Evidence

Leading Questions

Misquoting the Witness


Non Responsive Answers


Offers of Proof

Original Document Rule

Payment of Medical and Similar Expenses



Refreshing Present Recollection


Subsequent Remedial Measures

North Carolina Rules of Evidence