New York Practice Guide: Domestic Relations

Provides step-by-step guidance for handling matrimonial actions.

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Provides step-by-step guidance for handling matrimonialactions. Each chapter provides legal background,guidance on practice and procedure, forms and areference guide. Included are checklists, questions andanswers, pleadings, motion papers, sample agreements,and judgments–over 500 forms in all.

Topics covered include:
• Grounds for divorce and annulment
• Service of papers, jurisdiction and venue
• Representing the plaintiff
• Representing the defendant
• Calendar practice
• Temporary relief
• Financial disclosure
• Distribution of marital property
• Experts' valuation methods
• Professional licenses
• Spousal and child support
• Tax considerations
• Child custody and visitation
• Child abuse and neglect
• Domestic violence
• Enforcement and modification of money judgments
• Cohabitation, antenuptial and separation agreements

First published 1988.
loose-leaf; 4 volumes updated with revisions pages.

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Table of contents


Ch. 1 Initial Client Interview

Ch. 2 Grounds for Dissolution of Marriage and for Separation

Ch. 3 Representing the Plaintiff in a Matrimonial Action–Commencement of Suit and Strategic Planning

Ch. 4 Representing the Defendant in a Matrimonial Action–Responsive Pleadings and Motions

Ch. 5 Calendar Practice

Chs. 6 through 10 RESERVED

Ch. 11 Motions for Pendente Lite Relief

Ch. 12 Financial Disclosure

Chs. 13 through 15 RESERVED


Ch. 16 Distribution of Marital Property

Chs. 17 through 23 RESERVED

Ch. 24 Marital Home: Audit Agenda

Ch. 25 Closely Held Corporations, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships: Audit Agenda

Ch. 26 Pensions: Audit Agenda

Ch. 27 Professional Licenses, Practices and Degrees: Law and Valuation

Chs. 28 through 30 RESERVED

Ch. 31 Spousal and Child Support

Chs. 32 through 33 RESERVED

Ch. 34 Child Custody and Visitation

Ch. 35 The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA) and the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA)


Ch. 36 Domestic Violence

Ch. 37 Child Abuse and Neglect

Ch. 38 Adoption

Ch. 39 Paternity

Ch. 40 Tax Considerations in a Matrimonial Action

Chs. 41 through 43 RESERVED


Ch. 44 Enforcement of Support Awards

Chs. 45 through 47 RESERVED

Ch. 48 Modification of Support Orders

Chs. 49 through 50 RESERVED

Ch. 51 Divorce Mediation

Ch. 52 Cohabitation Agreements

Ch. 53 Antenuptial Agreements

Ch. 54 Separation Agreements