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New York Judicial Review of Damages

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Publisher: ALM
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Judicial Review of Damages, the Appellate Companion to VerdictSearch New York, puts in what the appellate courts leave out, unlocking a valuable "hidden body" of case law.

Any New York lawyer who has ever tried to determine the sustainable value of a personal injury case realizes that he or she is indeed faced with a mystery. How many times have you seen an opinion on the issue of excessiveness of a jury verdict that simply states: "We find $500,000 to be excessive and beyond what would be reasonable compensation. If plaintiff is willing to accept the reduced amount of $200,000, enter judgment, otherwise a new trial is ordered." The problem here is that the court doesn't tell you anything about that plaintiff or his injury! The information was of no value to you ... until now.

Judicial Review of Damages unlocks the mystery by providing details that the appellate courts so often leave out, such as the plaintiff's age and occupation, family status, and most of all, details on the injury.Judicial Review of Damages could well be the most important publication in your library.

Judicial Review of Damages is published monthly and each issue includes a digest, index, and cumulative Quick Injury Valuator.