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New Jersey Tax Handbook

By Jeffrey D. Gordon
Publisher: ALM
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ISBN: 9781628812350
Publisher: ALM
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Written by a highly regarded team of authors, the 2015 New Jersey Tax Handbook contains the highest level of detail and a concise structure. This publication is the preferred tax handbook for many accountants, tax attorneys, and business professionals. This revised edition includes information on numerous new topics such as civil union partnerships, digital property, and parking services. Citations on significant court decisions and statutes are also provided, summarizing the many nuances for various taxes.

New for 2015:

Reformation of Board of Finance and Revenue – interim operating rules for the new Board Changes to:

-Corporate Net Income Tax
-Changes to Capital Stock – Franchise Tax
-Corporate Loans Tax

Court opinions addressing:

-calculation of gross terminal revenue for purposes of the state tax on slot machines
-overpayment of estimated tax