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New Jersey Evidentiary Foundations

A volume that's fundamental to successful courtroom litigation, New Jersey ...
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :364 pages, hardbound, with current supplement
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ISBN: 9781558342224
Publisher: Michie
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A volume that's fundamental to successful courtroom litigation, New Jersey Evidentiary Foundations provides the tools necessary in bringing evidence to life, showing you how to predicate questions to gain admission or exclusion of evidence. The book includes specific lines of questioning, demonstrating courtroom-proven trial techniques in applying New York evidence law theory. For example:
  • How to "walk and talk" an exhibit into evidence
  • How to frame predicate questions for hearsay exceptions
  • How to make your questions easily understood
  • How to ensure your questions are - or are not - leading
  • How to use motions in limine
  • , motions to strike, and other motions and objections

    The authors have organized and indexed New Jersey Evidentiary Foundations for fast, easy-to-understand access to information; they compare and contrast the Federal Rules of Evidence with the former and current New Jersey Rules of Evidence, giving you an indispensable tool for trial practice in New Jersey courtrooms.

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Introduction
    Chapter 2 Related Procedures
    Chapter 3 The Competency of Witnesses
    Chapter 4 Authentication
    Chapter 5 Rule 403 and Legal Relevance Limitations on Credibility Evidence
    Chapter 6 Legal Relevance Limitations on Evidence that is Relevant to the Historical Merits of the Case
    Chapter 7 Privileges and Similar Doctrines
    Chapter 8 The Best Evidence Rule
    Chapter 9 Opinion Evidence
    Chapter 10 The Hearsay Rule, Its Exemptions, and Its Exceptions
    Chapter 11 Substitutes for Evidence