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New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act & Forms

Paul DePetris
Publisher: ALM
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ISBN: 9781628814330
Publisher: ALM
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"A narrative context for the myriad of issues. It is a powerful asset to this book that the author has included such extensive and detailed forms." -- Steven M. Richman, Esq., Duane Morris, LLP, New Jersey Lawyer Magazine

This extraordinary volume is the definitive work in the field of New Jersey consumer fraud and is worth its weight in gold as a reference book. Since the Consumer Fraud Act is one of only two areas of law that allows for treble damages, a single consumer fraud case could well be worth the price of the product.

Completely reorganized, updated, and indexed, this annual edition of New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act & Forms continues to provide comprehensive analysis about prosecuting and defending against consumer fraud claims in New Jersey.

This book seeks (1) to analyze the interplay between the CFA, the Administrative Rules pertaining thereto, the New Jersey Court Rules and the case law interpreting these subjects; and (2) to provide sample forms for use when handling CFA claims.

The CD accompanying this book includes dozens of forms for use by those prosecuting and defending claims. Quick reference charts on the CD (Appendices A-D) dissect the text of the CFA and the Administrative Rules:

A numerical chart of the CFA subsections provides practitioners with a quick answer to what topics are covered by which subsections;

•  A numerical chart of the Administrative Rules provides practitioners with a quick reference to which topics are covered by which subsections;
•  An alphabetical chart of the topics covered by the CFA and Administrative Rules enables practitioners to quickly determine if certain goods or services are regulated; and
•  An alphabetical chart of per se violations under the CFA and Administrative Rules provides a quick guide to which violations are enforceable by private litigants.

The CD also contains the CFA’s text.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: History and General Purpose of the CFA
Chapter 2: Scope of the CFA
Chapter 3: Per Se Violations
Chapter 4: Section 2 Violations of the Act
Chapter 5: State Enforcement of the Act
Chapter 6: Defenses and Preliminary Considerations
Chapter 7: Damages
Chapter 8: Equitable Relief
Chapter 9: Fees and Costs
Chapter 10: Pleading Consumer Fraud
Chapter 11: Pretrial and Trial Proceedings
Chapter 12: Class Actions
Chapter 13: Advertisements
Chapter 14: Banks and Lending Institutions
Chapter 15: Contract and Warranties
Chapter 16: Cats and Dogs
Chapter 17: Foodstuffs
Chapter 18: Health and Safety
Chapter 19: Home Appliances, Furniture and Furnishings
Chapter 20: Home Improvement Contractors
Chapter 21: Insurance
Chapter 22: Internet Dating
Chapter 23: Learned Professionals and Licensed Semiprofessionals
Chapter 24: Manufacturers
Chapter 25: Personal Information Security
Chapter 26: Public Entities and Public Utilities
Chapter 27: Real Estate Sales and Services
Chapter 28: Sales and Merchandise
Chapter 29: Securities
Chapter 30: Telecommunications
Chapter 31: Temporary Help Services
Chapter 32: Toys
Chapter 33: Vehicle Sales and Services
Chapter 34: International Labor Matching Organizations and International Matchmaking Organizations
Chapter 35: Pharmaceuticals
Chapter 36: Arbitration of CFA Claims Outside the Courts
Chapter 37: Charitable Institutions