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New Hampshire Practice Series: Criminal Practice and Procedure (Volume 1)

Publisher: LexisNexis

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5th Edition
ISBN: 9781422482094
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6th Edition
ISBN: 9781522140061
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6th Edition
ISBN: 9781522140061
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Volume 1 in the Criminal Practice and Procedure set.

Originally published in 1980 as the first book in the New Hampshire Practice Series, this book is widely recognized by both the bench and the bar as the definitive guide to criminal practice in New Hampshire.

The Fifth Edition of this important work comprehensively covers the substantive crimes, plus the procedural, constitutional and ethical issues that arise in New Hampshire criminal practice - in the pretrial, trial, and appellate arenas.

The eBook versions of this title feature links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Table of Contents


Ch 1 - The Law of Crime in New Hampshire

Ch 2 - Police and Prosecutors

Ch 3 - Statutory and Constitutional Limits on the Investigation of Crime

Ch 4 - Search Pursuant to Warrant

Ch 5 - Search Without Warrant

Ch 6 - Standing to Object to Illegal Search

Ch 7 - Electronic Surveillance and Related Investigative Procedures

Ch 8 - Arrest

Ch 9 - Right of Person Arrested to an Attorney

Ch 10 - The Right Against Self-Incrimination and Rights of Persons in Custody

Ch 11 - Identification Procedures

Ch 12 - Physical Tests of Arrested Persons

Ch 13 - Jurisdiction

Ch 14 - Venue

Ch 15 - Institution of Formal Charges

Ch 16 - Bail

Ch 17 - Arraignment

Ch 18 - The Right to Counsel

Ch 19 - Preliminary Examinations

Ch 20 - Grand Jury

Ch 21 - Indictments