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New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition

New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition
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ISBN: 9781579111762
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Brand new and thoroughly modern, the New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition is the authoritative source for understanding both the basics and the nuances of insurance law. This is the next generation of analysis from the name practitioners trust on insurance: Appleman. We are pleased to announce the publication of the first twelve volumes of the New Library Edition:

•  Essentials of Insurance Law
•  Insurance Regulation
•  Commercial General Liability Insurance
•  Specific Types of Liability Insurance
•  Property Insurance
•  Motor Vehicle Insurance
•  Reinsurance
•  Life Insurance and Annuities
•  Insolvency and Bankruptcy
•  Fidelity Insurance
•  Suretyship
•  Litigation, Arbitration and Settlement

The New Appleman Library Edition has valuable new features:

•   Saves you time because it is organized the way you practice and think about insurance law. For example, the detailed tables of contents help you spot important issues at the beginning of your research.

•   Covers key insurance topics logically by line of insurance so you quickly get the information you need. For instance, the key case citations cut to the core of what you need, fast.

•   Written by the leading scholars and practitioners of insurance law, such as Jeffrey E. Thomas, Francis J. Mootz, III, Martin F. Grace, James Poolman, Robert H. Jerry, II, Brian Casey, Laura A. Foggan, Sherilyn Pastor, William T. Barker, Carrie E. Cope, J. Randolph Evans, Benedict Lenhart, Douglas R. Richmond, and David P. Rossmiller.

•   Contains expert insights, sample searches, chapter summaries at the beginning of each chapter, extensive cross references and links to the Appleman Suite of products, Matthew Bender insurance titles, ISO Forms, and more.

The New Appleman Library Edition cuts through the confusing tangle of cases and other sources on insurance law to give you a clear, concise, current and authoritative statement of the law. You find what you need, quickly and easily. And you can rely on it: It will continue in the authoritative tradition of the previous editions of Appleman on Insurance 2d and John Appleman, Insurance Law and Practice that have been cited by the courts with regularity. Consult the Library Edition to:

•   Untangle situations where insurance laws and regulations may be ambiguous, vague or unresolved;

•   Understand the full implications of new developments;

•   Get guidance when you cannot find case law on point with your facts--or when you want another expert opinion.

The eBook versions of this title feature links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Table of Contents

Volume 12: Litigation, Arbitration and Settlement 
Chapter 148: Reserved
Chapter 149: Pre-Litigation Issues
Chapter 150: Initiation of Litigation
Chapter 151: Responding to Litigation
Chapter 152: Discovery
Chapter 153: Expert Witnesses
Chapter 154: Summary Judgment
Chapter 155: Trial
Chapter 156: Post-Trial Issues
Chapter 157: Settlement