Nebraska Motor Vehicle Laws

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2012 Edition
ISBN: 9780769859415
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This handy reference contains all of the statutes needed by those in the motor vehicle-related industries. From police officers to automobile dealers to trucking companies, this book presents a complete collection of the laws that govern the daily conduct of your business or profession. This volume features the full text of Chapter 60 (Motor Vehicles) and also includes hundreds of related provisions from throughout the Revised Statutes of Nebraska.

Features include:

•  Annotated CD-ROM version bound into each copy of the book
•  Table of Sections Affected by recent legislation
•  Extensive index and table of contents for easy access to each area of the law
•  Annual replacement edition

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Table of Contents

This comprehensive reference features the full text of Chapter 60 (Motor Vehicles), complemented by selected provisions from:
Chapter 13. Cities, Counties, and Other Political Subdivisions
Chapter 14. Cities of the Metropolitan Class
Chapter 15. Cities of the Primary Class
Chapter 16. Cities of the First Class
Chapter 17. Cities of the Second Class and Villages
Chapter 18. Cities and Villages; Laws Applicable to All
Chapter 23. County Government and Officers
Chapter 25. Courts; Civil Procedure
Chapter 28. Crimes and Punishments
Chapter 29. Criminal Procedure
Chapter 30. Decedent's Estate; Protection of Persons and Property
Chapter 32. Elections
Chapter 33. Fees and Salaries
Chapter 37. Game and Parks
Chapter 39. Highways and Bridges
Chapter 42. Husband and Wife
Chapter 43. Infants and Juveniles
Chapter 44. Insurance
Chapter 52. Liens
Chapter 53. Liquors
Chapter 66. Oils, Fuels and Energy
Chapter 70. Power Districts and Corporations
Chapter 71. Public Health and Welfare
Chapter 75. Public Service Commission
Chapter 77. Revenue and Taxation
Chapter 79. Schools
Chapter 81. State Administrative Departments
Chapter 83. State Institutions
Chapter 84. State Officers
Chapter 85. State University, State Colleges and Postsecondary Education
Chapter 86. Telecommunications and Technology
Driver License Compact
Nonresident Violator Compact of 1977