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Moving Diversity Forward: How to Go From Well-Meaning to Well Doing

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This book offers a blend of accessible theory and tools for practical application to benefit any reader willing to learn about diversity. It thoughtfully explores ideas that are often left unspoken regarding underlying challenges to successful diversity and inclusion efforts.

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Chapter 1- Diversity Is Being Invited to the Party; Inclusion Is Being Asked to Dance

Chapter 2- I Think I’m a Pretty Good Dance Partner: Is This Book for Me?

Chapter 3- I Know the Cha Cha; Isn’t that Like the Charleston? Aren’t We All the Same?

Chapter 4- With the Right Music, You Can Get Anyone on the Dance Floor: What Messages Are You Sending About Who’s Included?

Chapter 5- So You Were a Little Offbeat; It Isn’t the End of the Dance: How to Recover When You’ve Stepped on Your Dance Partner’s Toes

Chapter 6- What’s Everybody Staring At? Nobody’s Perfect When They First Learn to Dance: The BASICS of Cultural Competence

Chapter 7- Are You Sure He’s Our Waiter? I Think He’s the Band Leader: How Is Your Lens Shaping What You See?

Chapter 8- He’s Black. What Do You Mean He Can’t Dance? Check for Your Biases When Things Get Bumpy

Chapter 9- Dancing with Peggy McIntosh: Breaking the Thirteen Deadly Habits of Workplace Oppression

Chapter 10- White People Have Always Been Center Stage: Understanding White Privilege and Other Forms of Unearned Privilege

Chapter 11- Five Old Dance Moves that White People Do: Updating Your Dance Moves to Support the Success of Black People at Work

Chapter 12- The Warm Up Is Over, Now for the Big Dance Move: Biaproofi ng Your Organization’s Systems

Chapter 13- Sometimes Cutting in Is the Right Move: Using Your Privilege to Interrupt Bias


Appendix A: A Resource Guide for Dance Partners

Appendix B: Lifetime Benefits of Being a Working Class White Person in the Early 21st Century