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Moore's Federal Practice, Appellate Volumes

Moore's Federal Practice is LexisNexis Matthew Bender's flagship treatise on federal civil, criminal, appellate, and admiralty procedure. This version of the venerable publication focuses solely on appellate procedure.

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The original edition was written by the late Professor James William Moore, one of the original drafters of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, in 1938. From its initial publication, Moore's instantly became the standard reference work on federal court procedure and has been cited thousands of times in federal court decisions.

The current 3rd Edition, first published in 1997, represents a complete overhaul of this classic work, authored by over 50 distinguished federal judges, law professors, and practitioners, including many who, like Professor Moore, have been directly involved in the federal rulemaking process.

Moore's three appellate volumes are fully updated with the latest analysis of case law and rules.

3 volumes; updated with revisions

Table of Contents


Chapter 200 Reserved

Chapter 201 Appellate Jurisdiction in the Federal System

Chapter 202 Final Judgments

Chapter 203 Interlocutory Orders

Chapter 204 Extraordinary Writs

Chapter 205 Reviewability of Issues

Chapter 206 Standards of Review

Chapter 207 Complex Appeals

Chapter 208 Practice in the Federal Circuit

Chapters 209-299 Reserved


PART 1. Applicability Of Rules

Chapter 300 Reserved

Chapter 301 Scope of Rules; Title

Chapter 302 Suspension of Rules

PART 2. Appeals From Judgments And Orders Of District Courts

Chapter 303 Appeal as of Right--How Taken

Chapter 303.1 Appeal From a Judgment of a Magistrate Judge in a Civil Case

Chapter 304 Appeal as of Right--When Taken

Chapter 305 Appeal by Permission

Chapter 305.1 Appeal by Leave Under 28 U.S.C. ยง 636(c)(5)

Chapter 306 Appeal in a Bankruptcy Case From a Final Judgment, Order, or Decree of a District Court or Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

Chapter 307 Bond for Costs on Appeal in a Civil Case

Chapter 308 Stay or Injunction Pending Appeal

Chapter 309 Release in a Criminal Case

Chapter 310 The Record on Appeal

Chapter 311 Forwarding the Record

Chapter 312 Docketing the Appeal; Filing a Representation Statement; Filing the Record

PART 3. Review Of Decisions Of The United States Tax Court

Chapter 313 Review of a Decision of the Tax Court

Chapter 314 Applicability of Other Rules to the Review of a Tax Court Decision

PART 4. Review And Enforcement Of Orders Of Administrative Agencies, Boards, Commissions, And Officers

Chapter 315 Review or Enforcement of an Agency Order--How Obtained; Intervention

Chapter 315.1 Briefs and Oral Argument in a National Labor Relations Board Proceeding

Chapter 316 The Record on Review or Enforcement

Chapter 317 Filing the Record

Chapter 318 Stay Pending Review

Chapter 319 Settlement of a Judgment Enforcing an Agency Order in Part

Chapter 320 Applicability of Rules to the Review or Enforcement of an Agency Order

PART 5. Extraordinary Writs

Chapter 321 Writs of Mandamus and Prohibition, and Other Extraordinary Writs

PART 6. Habeas Corpus; Proceedings In Forma Pauperis

Chapter 322 Habeas Corpus and Section 2255 Proceedings

Chapter 323 Custody or Release of a Prisoner in a Habeas Corpus Proceeding

Chapter 324 Proceeding in Forma Pauperis

PART 7. General Provisions

Chapter 325 Filing and Service

Chapter 326 Computing and Extending Time

Chapter 326.1 Corporate Disclosure Statement

Chapter 327 Motions

Chapter 328 Briefs

Chapter 328.1 Cross-Appeals

Chapter 329 Brief of an Amicus Curiae

Chapter 330 Appendix to the Briefs

Chapter 331 Serving and Filing Briefs

Chapter 332 Form of Briefs, Appendices, and Other Papers

Chapter 332.1 Citing Judicial Dispositions

Chapter 333 Appeal Conferences

Chapter 334 Oral Argument

Chapter 335 En Banc Determination

Chapter 336 Entry of Judgment; Notice

Chapter 337 Interest on Judgment

Chapter 338 Frivolous Appeal--Damages and Costs

Chapter 339 Costs

Chapter 340 Petition for Panel Rehearing

Chapter 341 Mandate: Contents; Issuance and Effective Date; Stay

Chapter 342 Voluntary Dismissal

Chapter 343 Substitution of Parties

Chapter 344 Case Involving a Constitutional Question When the United States Is Not a Party

Chapter 345 Clerk's Duties

Chapter 346 Attorneys

Chapter 347 Local Rules by Courts of Appeals

Chapter 348 Masters

PART 8. Appellate Appendices

Chapter 349 Appellate Procedure Forms

Chapter 350 Appellate Time Limits Chart