Modern Visual Evidence

Publisher: ALM
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ISBN: 9781588520272
Publisher: ALM
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Make your courtroom presentations more persuasive! Modern Visual Evidence shows you how to use—and limit—video, audiovisual and computer-generated evidence in tort, commercial and criminal cases, complex securities actions, antitrust cases, environmental suits, infringement actions and any action involving expert witnesses. It features discussions of: digital photography in the courtroom; the latest developments in the use of trial testimony by contemporaneous transmission between locations; ABA standards for electronic discovery as well as preserving and producing electronic information; admissibility of e-mail content and other computer-generated evidence; guidelines and case law on the use of video depositions, surveillance tapes, computer-generated recreations of events, and digitally enhanced images; and many other cutting-edge issues. The appendices, featured on the accompanying CD-ROM, contain numerous interactive illustrations and textual information to help you prepare state-of-the-art exhibits. Appendices on CD-ROM.