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Mock Trial Case Files and Problems

David A. Schlueter, Hardy Professor of Law & Director of Advocacy Programs, St. Mary's University School of Law, San Antonio, Texas

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ISBN: 9780769891989
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The mock trial case files and problems in this text are designed to provide opportunities for students to put into practice the theory of courtroom litigation. Each of the first seven chapters presents a series of practical exercises focusing on one of the basic litigation techniques, for example, direct examination of a witness.

The criminal case files require only two witnesses per side. The civil cases involve three witnesses for the plaintiff and two for the defense. Each case file is designed to be tried in approximately three hours.

Many of the practical exercises are taken from the case files in Chapters 8 through 21. Thus, working on parts of the case files for some of the weekly exercises will expose the students to the information in a way that approximates real trials - understanding that no one piece of evidence or testimony can be taken in isolation. Other problems in this text are "free-standing" to the extent that they do not relate to any particular case or fact pattern in this book.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Selecting a Jury

Chapter 2 Opening Statements

Chapter 3 Direct Examination

Chapter 4 Introducing Exhibits

Chapter 5 Cross-Examination and Impeachment

Chapter 6 Expert Witnesses

Chapter 7 Closing Arguments

Chapter 8 State v. Barkwood

Chapter 9 Barkwood v. Barkwood

Chapter 10 State v. Lockmore

Chapter 11 Lockmore v. Lockmore

Chapter 12 State v. Stonemock

Chapter 13 Worthy v. Stonemock

Chapter 14 State v. Moss

Chapter 15 Jones v. Moss

Chapter 16 State v. Winston

Chapter 17 Mason v. Winston

Chapter 18 State v. Moore

Chapter 19 Warren v. Moore

Chapter 20 State v. Winslet

Chapter 21 Norris v. Winslet