Military Criminal Justice: Practice and Procedure

This definitive one-volume work is a user-friendly guide through the unique ...
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Print Book :1 volume, hardbound
9th Edition
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ISBN: 9781632840516
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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This definitive one-volume work is a user-friendly guide through the unique procedural and substantive rules governing military criminal justice practice. It is designed to assist those who practice military justice, both civilian and military, as well as those studying the military justice system. Supported with cites to thousands of cases, statutory provisions, and regulations, the text covers virtually every aspect of military criminal law -- from arrest to appeal, substantive crimes, and nonjudicial punishment.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Military Criminal Justice System
Chapter 2 Military Offenses
Chapter 3 Nonjudicial Punishment: Comparative Analysis
Chapter 4 Jurisdiction
Chapter 5 The Commander's Investigation, Pretrial Restraints and Confinement
Chapter 6 Preferral and Forwarding of Charges; Command Influence
Chapter 7 Article 32 Investigation and the Pretrial Advice
Chapter 8 Convening of a Court-Martial, Detailing Participants, and the Referral Process
Chapter 9 Plea Bargaining and Other Pretrial Negotiations
Chapter 10 Notice, Disclosure and Discovery
Chapter 11 Production of Witnesses and Evidence
Chapter 12 The Article 39(a) Pretrial Session
Chapter 13 Motions Practice
Chapter 14 Pleas
Chapter 15 Trial Procedures
Chapter 16 Sentencing
Chapter 17 Review of Courts-Martial
Table of Cases