Merit Systems Protection Board: Rights and Remedies (Print and Online)

Publisher: ALM
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ISBN: 9781588520289
Publisher: ALM
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This authoritative volume guides you in practicing before the Merit Systems Protection Board and helps you understand the intricacies of the Civil Service Reform Act. It describes the organization and structure of the Board and sets out the rules of practice before it, including the recovery of attorney's fees and the enforcement of Board decisions. It also examines how substantive laws are applied by the Board, including: establishing standards and procedures for disciplining employees for unsatisfactory performance or for misconduct; overseeing reductions in force; and adjudicating retirement claims. Merit Systems Protection Board: Rights and Remedies analyzes the restrictions on agency personnel authority, including: protection of whistleblowers; anti-discrimination provisions; the First Amendment; and prohibited personnel practices, as well as relevant statutes and regulations. It explores the Board's review of employment practices; the powers of the Office of Special Counsel; and judicial review, particularly the role of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. This compact and readable volume can help experts as well as those seeking an introduction to the field.