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MD Washington Suburban Sanitary District Laws

Convenient single volume containing the laws that govern the Washington Suburban Sanitary District.
Publisher: LexisNexis
Print Book :1 volume, softbound, supplemented annually
2017 Edition with 2016 Supplement
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ISBN: 9781522145813
Publisher: LexisNexis
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This newest edition of MD Washington Suburban Sanitary District Laws with a current annual supplement, contains all the regulations governing the District, created in 1918 and providing water and sewer services to most of Montgomery and Prince George's Counties. Excerpted from Michie's Annotated Code of Maryland the only code recognized by Maryland courts, and issued by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, this is a convenient single softbound volume you can keep on your desk or place in your briefcase for quick access to the laws governing the District. Along with the full text of the statutes, it contains annotations to state and federal case law as well as law review articles, treatises, and other reference materials. If your practice deals with public utilities in the D.C. Metro area or you otherwise need a quick reference to the laws governing the Washington Suburban Sanitary District, this is the publication you need to start your research off right.