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McNamara v. Energy Dynamics, Inc. Case File

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Case File :Softbound, 152 pages
1st Edition
ISBN: 9781601565693
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ISBN: 9781601565709
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A small local dairy farmer is pitted against a large energy company in this civil case for negligence. Energy Dynamics has developed a new chemical; this breakthrough unlocks precious resources, and untold millions of dollars, buried beneath a local community's feet. But as local farmers like McNamara experience mysterious livestock deaths, will the breakthrough prove to be a dangerous breakout of a toxic chemical?

Witnesses include a veterinarian, chemists, community members, and executives. Exhibits include electronic evidence of emails, mini depositions, pictures, press releases, transcripts of Town Hall meeting, Facebook posts on online "microsites," as well as impeachment material for teams to strategically choose what to emphasize or downplay.

Another entry in Theresa D. Moore's Trial by Fire® legal case series of well balanced cases, with modern facts and evidence meant to ignite in students the passion to vigorously fight for their client. McNamara's unique issues of the environment and public policy encourage participants to consider storytelling aspects of presenting technical information drawing decision-makers into a human understanding of events and scientific issues.

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      Exhibit 1—Press Release Energy Dynamics, Inc.

      Exhibit 2—Energy Dynamics, Inc. Testing Summary

      Exhibit 3—Energy Dynamics, Inc. Quarterly Gross Withdrawals of Natural Gas Charts

      Exhibit 4—Department of Natural Resources Citation

      Exhibit 5—Emails of June 13 to June 15

      Exhibit 6—Department of Natural Resources Site Investigation Reports

      Exhibit 7—Letter from Hank Hooper, August 18

      Exhibit 8—Letter from Hank Hooper, December 10

      Exhibit 9—Morgan Santo, DVM, Curricula Vitae

      Exhibit 10—Letter from Dr. Morgan Santo

      Exhibit 11—Emails of March 25-26, YR-4

      Exhibit 12—Department of Natural Resources Notice of Violation Letter

      Exhibit 13—Transcript of Town Hall Meeting

      Exhibit 14—Energy Dynamics, Inc. Power Point Presentation

      Exhibit 15—Petro Energy Monthly Magazine Article

      Exhibit 16—Map of McNamara Farm

      Exhibit 17—Veterinary Reports

      Exhibit 18—Facebook online profile of Matt Barron

      Exhibit 19—Photos of Dairy Cows

      Exhibit 20—Deposition Transcript McNamara

      Exhibit 21—Deposition Transcript Phelps

      Exhibit 22—Deposition Transcript Barron

      Exhibit 23—Deposition Transcript Castrigano


      Appendix A—State of Nita Administrative Code sections

      Appendix B—Jury Instructions

      Appendix C—Verdict Form