McGrady on Social Media

Covers the impact of various laws on social media to aid the creation of social media policies.

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2019 Edition
ISBN: 9781522166757
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2019 Edition
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This must-have resource provides a framework to help you understand important questions in this rapidly-evolving area of law. It covers the impact of various laws on social media, such as copyright and communications, to aid the creation of social media policies.

Designed to provide an appreciation for the various issues raised by social media, this publication presents practical insight into the specific ways that certain platforms address those issues. The fairly broad scope of issues and platforms will serve as a starting point for research and also for the "quick answers" to recurring questions raised by clients.

Written for the busy practitioner, chapters contain Practice Notes setting out important take-aways and practical implications. This indispensable practice aid covers the following critical issues and includes these features:

•  A chapter addressing copyright issues and social media, including sample DMCA implementation procedures

•  A chapter addressing the safe harbor provision, discussing practical implications of the safe harbor provision in the social media context

•  A chapter on trademark issues and social media, serving as a brief introduction to the law of trademarks and domain names so that the reader can more fully appreciate the trademark policies published by the social media platforms discussed later in the treatise

•  A chapter on privacy issues and social media, including sample privacy statements and terms of use statements

•  A chapter on employment issues and social media, providing an overview of employment cases that have examined issues relating to employee social networking. The chapter includes sample policy statements to provide guidance on employee use of social networking sites

•  A chapter summarizing state by state cyberbullying, cyberharassment and cyberstalking laws

•  16 chapters on all the major and rising social media websites

The eBook version of this title features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

McGrady offers more expertise on the laws of the web in McGrady on Domain Names .

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Social Media

Chapter 2: Copyright Issues and Social Media

Chapter 3: Free Speech, The Communications Decency Act, and Social Media

Chapter 4: Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Social Media

Chapter 5: Privacy and Social Media

Chapter 6: Employment Law and Social Media

Chapter 7: CAN-SPAM Act, Stored Communications Act

Chapter 8: State Law Survey of Cyberbullying, Cyberharassment, and Cyberstalking Laws

Chapter 9: Trademark and Domain Name Issues and Social Media

Chapter 10: Social Media and Political Change

Chapter 11: Social Media as Evidence

Chapter 12: Proposed Social Media Username Dispute Mechanism

Chapters 13-20: Reserved

Chapter 21: Understanding Answerbag

Chapter 22: Understanding Digg

Chapter 23: Understanding Facebook

Chapter 24: Understanding Google+

Chapter 24: Understanding

Chapter 25: Reserved

Chapter 26: Understanding LinkedIn

Chapter 27: Understanding LiveJournal

Chapter 28: Understanding

Chapter 29: Reserved

Chapter 30: Understanding MySpace

Chapter 31: Understanding Ning

Chapter 32: Understanding omg!

Chapter 33: Understanding Orkut

Chapter 34: Understanding Pinterest

Chapter 35: Reserved

Chapter 36: Understanding

Chapter 37: Understanding Twitter

Chapter 38: Understanding Youtube

Chapter 39: Understanding flickr

Chapter 40: Understanding Tumblr