Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Civil Discovery

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Make the Most of California Civil Discovery Procedure and Strategy

Work with total confidence that you have the right information, right at your fingertips, to handle any discovery issue or task that comes up in California civil litigation. Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Civil Discovery contains all the information you need to handle discovery requests and responses including:
• Interrogatories
• Requests for Admissions
• Requests for Inspection of Documents or Things
• Depositions
• Physical and Mental Examinations
• Exchange of Expert Information

In addition, this invaluable single-volume source contains detailed guidance regarding:
• Discovery Strategy and Planning
• Law and Motion Procedure
• Discovery of Electronic Information
• Preservation of Evidence/Avoiding Spoliation of Evidence Claims
• Sanctions
• Review of Discovery Orders

Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Civil Discovery represents the new standard in practice guides. You'll find streamlined chapter organization, precise guidance on finding pertinent online information, cross references to additional relevant content, and Strategic Points, Warnings, and other types of practical tips highlighted by icons and headings that classify the tips by type so you can tell at a glance what type of information you will find in the tip.

You can be sure you are fully prepared with the step-by-step guidance of checklists and the ready availability of time-saving forms. Cross references give you instant access to relevant cases, statutes, rules, public records and secondary sources that include Matthew Bender's indispensable online publications. And with updates twice a year, you'll always have fast, accurate and up-to-date answers to procedural questions.

Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Civil Discovery offers expert analyses, procedures, forms, and references for total research and guidance support.

Matthew Bender California Practice Guides: The Fresh New Perspective in California Research

Matthew Bender California Practice Guides redefine what first-class research support is all about. These peerless dual media tools combine the convenience of the printed word with the reach of online access to help you work smarter and faster - and get more of what you're searching for easier.

With each Practice Guide, expert task-oriented analyses are just the beginning. Checklists, practice tips, examples, explanatory notes, forms, cross-referencing to other Practice Guides and online linking to Matthew Bender's vast suite of publications all combine to deliver the fast, full and confident understanding you seek.

Featuring more of what you're looking for in a comprehensive research system - a task-based format, thorough yet concise content, citable expert insight, twice-a-year updating, a superior print/online interface, sample searches and so much more - Matthew Bender California Practice Guides will help lift your efforts to a whole new level of success.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Strategy and Planning

Chapter 2 Scope of Discovery

Chapter 3 Sanctions

Chapter 4 Law and Motion Procedure

Chapter 5 Discovery of Computer Records

Chapter 6 Oral Depositions in California

Chapter 7 Oral Depositions Outside California

Chapter 8 Depositions on Written Questions

Chapter 9 Interrogatories

Chapter 10 Inspection of Documents, Tangible Evidence and Land

Chapter 11 Physical and Mental Examinations

Chapter 12 Requests for Admissions

Chapter 13 Exchange of Expert Witness Information

Chapter 14 Preservation of Evidence

Chapter 15 Review of Discovery Orders