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Massachusetts Legal Practice Library Volumes 9 & 10: Massachusetts Domestic Relations

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5th Edition
ISBN: 9781422488904
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5th Edition
ISBN: 9780327186250
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5th Edition
ISBN: 9780327186250
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First published in 1982, Massachusetts Domestic Relations is widely referred to as "the bible" by lawyers who practice domestic relations law in Massachusetts. Cited often as authority by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Appeals Court, this "how to" resource contains all the laws, forms, and guidance you need to handle virtually any domestic relations case arising in Massachusetts courts. You'll find detailed analysis of such important issues as: divorce, alimony, division of marital property, child support, custody, visitation, paternity, spousal abuse, and much, much more.

Volumes 9 and 10 of the Massachusetts Legal Practice Library

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents


Ch 1 - Overview

Ch 2 - Preliminary Steps and Representation

Ch 3 - Grounds for Divorce

Ch 4 - Jurisdiction and Venue

Ch 5 - Commencement of Action and Responsive Pleadings

Ch 6 - Interlocutory Relief

Ch 7 - Financial Statements

Ch 8 - Custody of Minor Children and Visitation

Ch 9 - Guardian Ad Litem

Ch 10 - Child Support

Ch 11 - Alimony

Ch 12 - Division of Marital Assets

Ch 13 - Discovery, In General

Ch 14 - Case Management Conference, Pre-Trial Conference, Master's Hearings


Ch 15 - Agreements and Uncontested Trials

Ch 16 - Contested Trials, Trial Preparation, Consolidation, Impoundment
& Dismissals

Ch 17 - Judgment and Post Judgment Remedies

Ch 18 - Counsel Fees

Ch 19 - Contempt Actions

Ch 20 - Modifications

Ch 21 - Appeals

Ch 22 - Abuse Prevention

Ch 23 - Children Born Out of Wedlock

Ch 24 - Annulments, Separate Support, Affirmation of Marriage, Complaints for Support

Ch 25 - Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Table of Cases

Table of Statutory References