Maslanka's Texas Field Guide to Employment Law: FLSA, FMLA, ADA, Texas Labor Code

By Michael P. Maslanka
Publisher: ALM

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2019 Edition
ISBN: 9781628815740
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A must-have book for any HR professional, manager or entrepreneur, and the attorneys representing them.

All of Maslanka's popular Employment Field Guides have been updated, revised and gathered into one 1000+ page volume. Each chapter shares exclusive commentary gleaned from Professor Maslanka's 34 years as a Texas employment lawyer.

Maslanka Walks Through
•  Which business must comply with each law.
•  Where to find the text of each law.
•  Which federal agency enforces each law.
•  What each law allows and prohibits.
•  Practical tips to remain within the scope of the law.
•  Resources for further research and information.

Only Maskanka's Field Guide has

•  Annotation of The Code of Federal Regulations.
•  An emphasis on cases from the Fifth Circuit and district courts in Texas.
•  Annotation of the Texas Labor Code.
•  This volume updates and replaces:
•  Maslanka's Field Guide to the Family & Medical Leave Act 2015
•  Maslanka's Field Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act 2014
•  Maslanka's Field Guide to the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act & Texas Labor Code 2011
•  Maslanka's Field Guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act and its Amendments 2012
•  Maslanka's Pocket Guide to Employment Law