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Maine Probate Procedure

Maine Probate Procedure provides comprehensive analysis and instructions for use of the official and recommended Maine probate forms.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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ISBN: 9780327185000
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Frequency: (1 issues)
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Maine Probate Procedure is a one-volume guide to the Official Probate Forms and the Supreme Judicial Court's suggested forms and materials. It contains advice on how to use each of the 13 major categories of forms (including forms for notice, forms for decedents' estates, and forms for guardianship and protective proceedings), citations to new statutory and case law developments, suggestions on when and how to use each official form, and supplemental sample forms and instructions. It also features appendices, including a list of Maine Probate Court judges, fee schedules, and tables of statutes and cases.

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Table of Contents

Part 1 Official Probate Forms

Chapter 1 Official Probate Forms

Chapter 2 Forms for Notice

Chapter 3 Forms for Decedents' Estates--Informal Proceedings

Chapter 4 Forms for Decedents' Estates--Formal Proceedings

Chapter 5 Forms for Guardianship and Protective Proceedings

Chapter 6 Forms for Trusts

Chapter 7 Forms for Adoptions

Chapter 8 Forms for Change of Name

Chapter 9 Forms of Appeal

Part 2 Supplemental Forms and Material

Chapter 10A Introduction

Chapter 10 Supplemental Forms and Material for Decedents' Estates

Chapter 11 Supplemental Forms and Material for Protective Proceedings

Chapter 12 Supplemental Forms and Material Concerning Trusts

Chapter 13 Miscellaneous Forms and Commentary

Chapter 14 Forms Prepared by Various Registers of Probate


Appendix A Limited Bibliography

Appendix B Table of Consanguinity

Appendix C Per Capita at Each Generation and Other Examples of Intestate Distribution

Appendix D Maine Judges of Probate, Registers and Deputies

Appendix E Fee Schedules


Table of Statutes

Table of Cases