Machinery Act of North Carolina Annotated

Including key sections affected by the latest legislation!
Publisher: Michie
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2023 Edition
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ISBN: 9781663378309
Publisher: Michie
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A must-have resource for the Tar-Heel state. Issued by the North Carolina Department of Revenue and reprinted from the General Statutes of North Carolina Annotated, this edition also contains sections affected by most recent legislation.

Table of contents

Listing, Appraisal, and Assessment of Property and Collection of Taxes on Property
Article 11 Short Title, Purpose, and Definitions
Article 12 Property Subject to Taxation
Article 12A Taxation of Lessees and Users of Tax-Exempt Cropland or Forestland
Article 13 Standards for Appraisal and Assessment
Article 14 Time for Listing and Appraising Property for Taxation
Article 15 Duties of Department and Property Tax Commission as to Assessments
Article 16 County Listing, Appraisal, and Assessing Officials
Article 17 Administration of Listings
Article 18 Reports in Aid of Listing
Article 19 Administration of Real and Personal Property Appraisal
Article 20 Approval, Preparation, Disposition of Records
Article 21 Review and Appeals of listings and Valuations
Article 22 Listing, Appraising, and Assessing by Cities and Towns
Article 22A Motor Vehicles (Effective July 1, 2011)
Article 23 Public Service Companies
Article 24 Review and Enforcement of Orders
Article 25 Levy of Taxes and Presumption of Notice
Article 26 Collection and Foreclosure of Taxes
Article 27 Refunds and Remedies
Article 28 Special Duties to Pay Taxes
Article 29 Validations (Recodified and Repealed)
Article 30 General Provisions

Related Statutes

Motor Vehicles
Article 3 Motor Vehicle Act of 1937

Probate and Registration
Article 4 Curative Statutes; Acknowledgments; Probates; Registration

Cities and Towns