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Louisiana Law of Torts: A Precis

Frank L. Maraist, Nolan J. Edwards Professor of Law, Holt B. Harrison Professor of Law, Louisiana State University Law Center

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ISBN: 9780327177579
Published: August 08, 2010
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Lousiana Law of Torts A Precis discusses an understanding of the history and development of Louisiana's tort law that helps place the current state of the law in its proper context. This book also touches on concepts such as intentional torts and negligence, wrongful death, immunity, comparative negligence, and strict and absolute liability. These are not terms found in the Louisiana Civil Code; they have been adopted from the common law. But the concepts these terms embody have their foundations in Louisiana tort law, either through the Code or other legislation or jurisprudence, and from both the common law and civil law influences. For more than 200 years, Louisiana law has been developing under these two influences.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. A History of Louisiana Tort Law
Chapter 2. Louisiana Tort Law -- An Overview
Chapter 3. Intentional Torts
Chapter 4. Willful Conduct
Chapter 5. Negligence
Chapter 6. Strict Liability
Chapter 7. Absolute Liability
Chapter 8. Vicarious Liability
Chapter 9. Causation in Fact
Chapter 10. Legal Cause
Chapter 11. Affirmative Defenses
Chapter 12. Damages
Chapter 13. Allocation of Liability Among Tortfeasors
Chapter 14. Special Claims
Chapter 15. Insurance