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Louisiana Law of Conventional Obligations, A Précis

ALAIN A. LEVASSEUR, Hermann Moyse, Sr. and Henry Plauché Dart Professor of Law, Emeritus, Director, European Studies, Jean Monnet Chair, Louisiana State University, Paul M. Hebert Law Center

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2nd Edition (2015)
ISBN: 9781632839596
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Louisiana Law of Conventional Obligations: A Précis, focuses on the Louisiana Civil Code as it applies to Contracts or Conventional Obligations. This user-friendly book provides a basic understanding of the principles and rules governing the law of contracts. The Precis format allows for a brief and specific explanation of the main issues of the civil law of contracts, and is an essential and original resource for Louisiana law students and the legal profession in general. Features include:

• Thoughtful and practical analysis of the relevant Code articles by a premier scholar in the field;
• Convenient and portable softbound format;
• Appendices with pertinent articles from the Civil Code and Code of Civil Procedure; and
• Appendix of Illustrative Cases or Jurisprudence for each chapter covered.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Classification of Contracts (General Principles) LSA-C.C. Arts. 1906–1917

Chapters 2 to 7 Formation of Contracts

Chapter 2 Capacity LSA-C.C. Arts. 1918 to 1926

Chapter 3 Consent LSA-C.C. Arts. 1927 to 1947

Chapter 4 Integrity of Consent, Vices of Consent LSA-C.C. Arts. 1948 to 1965

Chapter 5 Cause LSA-C.C. Arts. 1966 to 1970

Chapter 6 Object and Matter Oof Contracts LSA-C.C. Arts. 1971 to 1977

Chapter 7 Third Party Beneficiary—Stipulation Pour Autrui LSA-C.C. Arts. 1978 to 1982

Chapter 8 Effects of Conventional Obligations or Contracts LSA-C.C. Arts. 1983 to 2012

Chapter 9 Dissolution LSA-C.C. Arts. 2013–2024 and Nullity LSA-C.C. Arts. 2029–2035

Chapter 10 Interpretation of Contracts LSA-C.C. Arts. 2045 to 2057

Chapter 11 Revocatory and Oblique Actions LSA-C.C. Arts. 2036 to 2044

Appendix I Louisiana Civil Code 2015 Title 4 Conventional Obligations or Contracts

Appendix II Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure 2015

Appendix III Cases—Illustrations