Library of Pennsylvania Family Law Forms

By Joseph S. Britton
Publisher: ALM

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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781628813357
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“Your book, Library of Pennsylvania Family Law Forms, is, in my opinion, the best addition to Pennsylvania legal literature in the past decade…I thought you might like to know that I find your work the most helpful book on family law in our collection—especially for our pro se litigants and younger attorneys. It is a great aid to our reference work and I will buy every new edition for the law library. I do not recall being so excited about a law book in a long time.” - Director of the Lehigh County Law Library

Pennsylvania Library of Family Law Forms is a comprehensive reference book that includes over 130 forms as well as the relevant statutes and rules of procedure pertaining to each chapter. Numerous practice pointers from the author explaining or clarifying particular points of practice and procedure are also included. This book is an essential resource for navigating the family law courts of the Commonwealth. Every edition of this book includes new forms as well as updates to the statutes, rules of procedure, and existing forms.

Forms include:

Pleadings, financial affidavits, discovery, pendent lite and other lite motions, restraining orders, injunctions and pre-return date relief, custody and visitation, fees and experts, extraordinary relief, contempt, relief from physical abuse, wage executions, trial, judgment, modification and post-judgment relief, appeals, legal separation, foreign matrimonial judgments and miscellaneous forms.