Library of California Product Liability Forms

By Kenneth Seeger and Isaac Walrath
Publisher: ALM

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ISBN: 9781576255810
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Save time with a new collection of sample documents in print, online, and on CD.

Library of California Product Liability Forms Book is a comprehensive set of 160+ sample documents for product liability work, organized to take attorneys through the trial process from start to finish. The title is authored by Ken Seeger and Isaac Walrath of Seeger Salvas, LLP, a boutique firm specializing in medical device and pharmaceutical product liability litigation. Where appropriate, forms are differentiated for different types of products (medical device, pharmaceutical, automobile, etc.) and for both plaintiff and defendant counsel. There is a CD of Word files for easy drafting of documents.

The forms are divided into 9 sections:

1. Intake
2. Client Correspondence
3. Pre-Suit Forms
4. Complaints
5. Answers
6. Discovery and Litigation
7. Motions
8. Trial
9. Settlement