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LexisNexis® Automated California Judicial Council Forms

Fill out and print all the California Judicial Council forms quickly and easily!
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Frequency: (2 issues)
CD :Microsoft Windows
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ISBN: 9780820540177
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Frequency: (2 issues)
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More time to spend on important things, like helping your clients.

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Think of how much time you spend filling in one of the 930+ forms issued by the Judicial Council of California. We've got a better way: order LexisNexis Automated California Judicial Council Forms and own the most intuitive automated system for the tedious job of filling out boilerplate forms. Reviewed for completeness and accuracy by California attorneys, this automated forms program is the simplest way to handle form completion. Here are just two examples of how LexisNexis Automated California Judicial Council Forms has solved form-filling problems:

You need to enter the same information, such as a client's name or a date, several places in one document, but in different formats.

Enter the information once, and the software will automatically fill it in every place it needs to be, exactly where you need it, in the correct format. If a date needs to be entered once as October 1, 2011, and the second time as 10/1/11, LexisNexis Automated California Judicial Council Forms knows what is required and automatically formats it!

Your data is too long to fit in the space provided.

First, you'll see a warning message. Then you'll see several options to correct the problem, including shrinking the text to the minimum font size, editing the response, sending the response to an addendum, resizing the field or creating a new field.

No matter what type of law you practice, LexisNexis Automated California Judicial Council Forms will save you valuable time completing forms. Other time-saving benefits include:

•   Powered by HotDocs® Player Software.
•   Reviewed by California attorneys so you know you can rely on every form.
•   WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing makes it easy to see exactly how your form will look when you complete and print it.
•   Allows data to be entered by typing directly on the form.
•   Saves client information and automatically transfers it to other forms in the set by using an answer file.
•   Spell checks answers and corrects mistakes before printing.
•   Purchase price includes free training.

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