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LexisNexis CD - Warren's Weed New York Real Property

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ISBN: 9780820536217
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Warren's Weed: New York Real Property is recognized by the courts and the market as the authoritative treatise on New York real property law. Organized alphabetically by subject area for easy access and published three times per year, it contains an Annual Legislative Update detailing statutory changes occurring during the past year, along with a comprehensive Subject Index. Chapters contain up-to-date discussion of New York real estate law pertaining to:
• Attorney-in-Fact and Agency Powers
• Brownfields Law in NY
• Common Ownership of Real Estate
• Condominiums
• Contracts
• Cooperatives
• Corporations and Other Business Entities
• Decedent's Real Property
• Easements
• Leasing and Rent Regulation
• Life Estates and Tenancy Proceedings
• Limited Liability Companies
• Maps and Boundaries
• Mechanics' Liens
• Mining of Natural Resources
• Mortgages
• Zoning
• and other areas of NY Real Property practice from A to Z.