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The Law of Advertising CD brings you comprehensive coverage of the rules governing each party to the advertising contract: media, consumer, advertiser, and advertising agency.

Updated two timers per year, this CD now includes a discussion on the passage of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act, which amended a plaintiff's ability to bring a qui tam action against someone who falsely labeled a good as patented. Under the amended Section 292, only the government may bring a criminal action against someone for falsely labeling a good as patented, and only a person who has actually suffered a competitive injury as a result of a violation of the section may bring a civil action. Also under this amended section, it is no longer a violation to mark a product as patented if the underlying patent on the product has expired. New text has also been added as a result of the growth of online advertising and the use of new technology as a platform for advertising. This has led to a need for ad agencies to strike an increasingly delicate balance between effectively marketing a client's product or service and avoiding patent infringement liability. There are an ever expanding number of features and functions on the Internet that are patented, but many people don't know that some of these seemingly standard features are patented.

Other critical topics you'll find inside The Law of Advertising include:

•  Latest developments at the FTC
•  Consumers' federal remedies
•  State remedies
•  State-by-state listing of cites to statutes regulating advertising
•  Corrective advertising
•  Comparative advertising
•  Children's advertising
•  Legal and medical advertising
•  Tax treatment of advertising income
•  Advertising injury insurance
•  Cable television advertising
•  Internet advertising
•  Telemarketing
•  Direct marketing
•  Securities advertising