LexisNexis CD - Tax Planning for Corporation and Shareholders: Treatise and Forms

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ISBN: 9780820539584
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Offers attorneys, accountants, and corporate management the most thorough coverage and practical guidance available in this field. This treatise takes you step by step through the federal tax ramifications of starting and running a corporation from pre-incorporation planning and capitalizing (i.e., funding) new corporations to the division, purchase, sale and liquidation of the business. Covers all vital areas from accumulated earnings to corporate reorganizations; from deferred compensation agreements to stock dividends; from going public to professional corporations and limited liability companies; from purchase and sale of businesses to trusts. The approach is very practical and based on common transactions that a tax lawyer handles every day. Everything you need to know about tax law affecting corporations and shareholders is contained here, including:

--Pre-incorporation planning & procedure
--Penalty taxes & corporate planning
--S corporations & their shareholders
--Capitalizing a new corporation
--Problems & procedures in shifting shareholder control via stock purchases & redemptions
--Compensating the executive
--Shifting control through stock dividends & recapitalizations
--Dividing the corporate enterprise
--Purchase & sale of a corporate business
--Corporate liquidation
--Collapsible corporations
--Professional corporations
--Limited liability companies
--State corporate tax

The format speeds research and makes it easier to answer all of your corporate tax questions. Tax Planning for Corporations and Shareholders is designed to save you time and simplify your work by including the following features:

--Every chapter contains common tax-planning questions with cross-references to where in the book the answers can be found
--Integrates crucial legislative, judicial and administrative changes into all the tax planning materials
--Explains handling corporate tax planning before and after incorporation
--Insightful, clear explanations by leading authorities in the field
--Legislative alert boxes warn of recent Congressional changes
--Loaded with scores of tax-planning tips, comments and caveats
--Laden with scores of hypothetical problems and examples illustrating how complex tax calculations are performed and rules are applied
--Regulatory alert boxes warn of recent changes from IRS
--Each section of each chapter begins with a one-paragraph summary of that section
--Tables of corporate tax rates (income, accumulated earnings, personal holding company, alternative minimum & foreign corporations)
Designed as an adjunct to Tax Planning for Corporations and Shareholders, this comprehensive volume includes:

•  Expertly crafted forms for such transactions as forming a new corporation, S corporation elections and revocations, pension and profit-sharing planning and drafting, sales, mergers and liquidations
•   Concise commentary and possible variations accompany each form

Material in both the treatise and forms volumes is similarly organized, and the forms volume contains extensive cross- referencing to the treatise. Every transaction explained in the treatise is illustrated from beginning to end in the forms volume.

First published in 1985.

1 Volume; Looseleaf; updated annually.

Also included with the CD-ROM product:
•  Federal Tax Legislative Analysis
•  The Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005
•  Tax Analysts More Nearly Perfect Internal Revenue Code
•  Tax Analysts Background Notes to the IRC
•  Tax Analysts IRS Final and Temporary Regulations
•  Tax Analysts Treasury Decision Premables
•  Tax Analysts IRS Proposed Regulations
•  Tax Analysts IRS Revenue Rulings and Procedures