LexisNexis CD - Proving Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis

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ISBN: 9780820526393
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Hundreds of medical tests--how they are performed and how to read their findings; includes complete, authoritative guidance on orthopedic, neurologic, laboratory and other clinical tests. In-depth discussion of medical records. Simple steps for measuring the examining doctor's performance in every primary medical test covered:

•  Anatomy and physiology. Medical background for each test.
•  Indications. What the doctor attempts to prove with each test.
•  Methods.
•  Findings. "Positive" and "negative" results explained for each test.
•  Possible errors.
•  Confirmation of Results. Other tests the doctor can use if results are in doubt.
•  Relative effectiveness. Relevance of test results to the injury.
•  Direct and cross examinations. Trial-tested techniques from actual court transcripts.

Numerous charts, tables and illustrations provide quick reference to the common concepts of diagnosis. Detailed index.

First published in 1970.

14 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated 2 times each year with revisions and supplements.

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