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ISBN: 9780820526324
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This provides the attorney with one place to obtain all information about products liability, from analysis of the products, design issues, the parties, the causes of action, defenses, damages, litigation techniques, international issues, and source material.

Treatise covers every facet of the law, including theories of recovery, causation, collective liability, plaintiff and defendant considerations, strict liability, breach of warranty, negligence, defective products, or warnings.

Specifically, the treatise covers the following topics:

•  Discussion of the different damages that can be awarded, such as actual and punitive damages, as well as indemnity, contribution and apportionment of damages, and new issues, such as medical monitoring
•  Includes a chapter on illustrative awards in PL cases
•  Procedural matters, such as jurisdiction, venue, discovery, evidence, experts, statutes of limitations, and related insurance issues
•  Discussion of issues related to federal preemption and government liability for defective products
•  Specific chapters devoted to analysis of actions involving common defective products, such as food, drugs, medical devices, inflammable substances, toxic torts, tobacco, automobiles
•  Extensive coverage on Product Safety Management, useful for evaluating whether a manufacturer has acted negligently in designing and manufacturing a product or in testing or evaluating its safety
•  Also includes chapters on design assurance, safety analysis, documentation, purchasing, product distribution, and recalls
•  Numerous chapters devoted to the technical aspects of products, such as automotive accident reconstruction, technical aspects of mechanical design, buckling failures, and human factors issues
•  Comprehensive coverage of state and federal laws affecting products liability, including Consumer Products Safety Act, National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Defense Research Institute Proposals, Uniform Comparative Fault Act, American Bar Association Recommendations, Restatement of Torts (Third)
•  Table of Cases and Table of Cases by Product
•  Various sample documents (e.g., pleadings, discovery requests, checklists) for the practitioner

First published 1960.

The original authors are Louis R. Frumer and Melvin I. Friedman, highly respected practitioners in products liability litigation. Last updated by Cary Stewart Sklaren.

Also available on CD-ROM.

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