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The annual proceedings of the Institute on Oil and Gas Law, part of The Institute for Energy Law of The Center for American and International Law's continuing education program, provide expert guidance on current legal issues involving the oil, gas and energy industries. Published in condensed and edited form, the proceedings offer oil, gas and energy practitioners practical ideas and solutions for dealing with the impact of new laws and regulations.

The timeliness of the topics and the insight and experience of the authors make The Institute for Energy Law of The Center for American and International Law's Annual Institute on Oil and Gas Law a valuable addition to the library of anyone with a practice concerned with oil and gas law.

A separate, two-volume consolidated index and finding tables for back issues also available.

A primer for beginners and a reference manual and research source for more experienced practitioners, Law of Federal Oil and Gas Leases provides expert legal analysis and a practical approach to problems and questions concerning federal oil and gas leases. Coverage includes:

•   leasing legislation
•   outer continental shelf leases
•   leasing in Alaska
•   Indian leasing
•   right-of-way leasing
•   royalties
•   surface management requirements and special stipulations
•   exploration, drilling, producing, and operating regulations
•   bonds
•   state and local regulation
•   lessee and transferee qualifications
•   assignments and transfers of interests
•   options and rights to acquire
•   administrative procedures and judicial review
•   federal land records and title examination, and much more

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This publication treats both private and public relationships in pooling and unitization of oil and gas properties, as well as the antitrust aspects of pooling and unitization, pooling clauses, and state-by-state analysis.

General coverage includes:

• Conservation regulation
• Creation of units
• Effects of pooling and unitization
• Operating problems
• Administrative law aspects of conservation agencies
• Federal and Indian land problems

Also includes forms and the text of selected state statutes that might otherwise be difficult to obtain.

First published in 1957.

5 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with revisions.

The Law of Oil and Gas Leases

Topics Include:

  •   assignment clauses
  •   dry hole and lease extension clauses
  •   entirety clauses
  •   force majeure clauses
  •   habendum clauses
  •   warranty clauses

    Also includes:

  •   reports of opinions by courts of all jurisdictions
  •   thorough annotations; various state laws are described   and compared
  •   special clauses in lease agreements
  •   escrow agreements

    First published in 1967.

    2 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated annually.