LexisNexis CD - New York Environmental Law

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Keep pace with developments in New York environmental statutes, regulations, court decisions, administrative rulings, and other environmental news with Environmental Law in New York. Each issue of this monthly newsletter keeps you fully up-to-date on legal developments in such critical areas as:

•  Agency practice
•  Air quality
•  Water quality
•  Wetlands
•  Wildlife
•  Solid Waste
•  Pesticides
•  Noise
•  Lead
•  Asbestos
•  Land use
•  Mining
•  Historic preservation
•  Energy and Nuclear
•  Criminal
•  Toxic torts
•  Hazardous materials

... with reports on decisions of New York state and federal courts, new statutes, new regulations of all state and New York City environmental agencies, as well as administrative rulings and guidance memoranda from the DEC!

This unrivaled publication update you on the constant changes in this area of law. Each monthly issue features:

•  A Lead Article- analyzing a topic of current interest;
•  National Developments- highlighting pertinent actions by the Environmental Protection Agency, Congress, and the federal courts;
•  New York Newsnotes- developments in New York State such as governmental actions, new studies, sentences, and verdicts;
•  Recommended Reading- a bibliography of new publications;
•  Upcoming Events- alerting you to conferences, hearings, and seminars.

First published in 1991.

Looseleaf binder for the accumulation of monthly issues.

An all-encompassing guide to New York's State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and the environmental impact review process that SEQRA generated. This unique publication takes project applicants, opponents, and regulators through every stage of the exacting compliance requirements and procedures of SEQRA and New York City's Environmental Quality Review (CEQR), as well as the electric power plant siting requirements of the Public Service Law. It discusses how to mesh SEQRA's requirements with those of other complex federal, state and local laws effectively and efficiently.
•  Analyzes well over one thousand SEQRA cases, both reported and unreported
•  Provides detailed guidance in preparation and evaluation of Environmental Assessment Forms and Environmental Impact Statements
•  Includes extensive SEQRA procedural guidance, including timing issues
•  Provides in-depth analysis of complex issues such as segmentation and mitigation
•  Presents model administrative and litigation forms
•  Examines the wide spectrum of activities that have been subject to SEQRA and how they have fared under the law
•  Lists, by topic, Department of Environmental Conservation final decisions on SEQRA matters

Reference aids include checklists and appendices containing the SEQRA law and its regulations, as well as CEQR.

First published 1990.