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The premier employment law guide for New York attorneys and businesses.

New York Employment Law, Second Edition covers the entire range of private sector employment law in New York. Especially tailored for New York practitioners, the Second Edition conveniently breaks down coverage of New York employment law into four sections, and also contains a compilation of important statutory provisions and other texts chosen to facilitate your research.

The Contractual Relationship
•  analysis of employment contracts and the employment relationship in New York.
•  differences in a company's relationship with employees as opposed to its relationship with other workers, such as independent contractors and leased employees
•  non-competition agreements
•  an employee's duty of loyalty
•  the protection of trade secrets

•  Reviews and analyzes employment discrimination law in New York under both state and federal sources of law
•  Identifies the various statutes against discrimination
•  Compares the coverage of state, federal and local laws
•  Studies the specific prohibitions against discrimination

Incidents of the Employment Relationship
•  Interviewing and employment applications
•  Pre-employment testing and background checks
•  Current issues associated with "truth-in-hiring" claims
•  Privacy issues in the workplace from eavesdropping and monitoring of employee communications to employee access to personnel records

Statutory Regulation
•  Wages and hours
•  Workers' compensation
•  Disability benefits
•  Employee safety and
•  Health and unemployment insurance