LexisNexis CD - Larson on Workers' Compensation Law

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ISBN: 9780820525037
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Larson's Workers' Compensation Law is the comprehensive, authoritative treatise used by all state commissions and cited, with great frequency, by courts in all states.

Larson's Workers' Compensation Law:

•  Provides valuable insight into this complex area of the law.
•  Covers situations already litigated, as well as newly developing areas of the law.
•  Discusses the variations in state law and their consequences.
•  Brings order to a welter of local practices by grouping states that agree on a particular pattern of law.
•  Provides quick access by both legal principle and fact situation indexing.
•  Provides up-to-date, detailed case summaries for comparison of facts and holdings.
•  Discusses interaction of workers' compensation with other laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, Social Security, and Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act.
•  Contains helpful examples illustrating main points.

Speed your research with complementary practice aids. With Larson's Workers' Compensation Law, you receive the new "Digest" feature, which expedites access to cases by jurisdiction, as well as other special features such as state-by-state comparisons of substantive statutory provisions and tabulation of benefits, and the names and addresses of Administrative Boards and Commissions.

Larson's can be relied on as THE premier source for analysis of substantive workers' compensation law. This means that you can cite Larson's as a precedent, as the courts often do in their opinions.