LexisNexis CD - Larson on Employment Discrimination

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ISBN: 9780820525105
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Packed with an incisive analysis of applicable law -- and perfectly in tune with today's workplace issues -- this regularly cited, authoritative treatise gives you:

•   In-depth analysis of relevant cases, statutes, and regulations, providing not only comprehensive coverage of current law, but also new developments
•   Chapters on employment-at-will, sex differentiation versus discrimination, bona fide occupational qualification exceptions, pre-employment recruiting practices, seniority, layoffs, equal pay and benefits
•   The Americans with Disabilities Act and ADA Amendments Act of 2008
•   Complete treatment of key substantive and procedural issues arising under Title VII, as well as other federal and state laws governing fair employment practices
•   All important cases and their implications, including a Case Digest at the end of each chapter, keyed to the text and footnotes of each chapter, organized by jurisdiction, principle of law and case holding -- a great research

Relying on the Leading Authority in Employment Discrimination, Lex Larson, this illuminating reference provides insight no matter which side of the courtroom you're on.

11 volumes.