LexisNexis CD - Intellectual Property Litigation

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ISBN: 9780820525822
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This CD is designed to give the general practitioner a tool to in advising clients on various aspects of IP law. Each chapter of the treatise covers a specific area of IP law in a way that someone unfamiliar with that area can quickly get up to speed and advise clients. Each chapter is written by an expert in that area of IP law and not only provides a general overview of that area, but also gives insights that only come with years of practical experience. This CD is a must-have for your electronic IP library as it provides the latest analysis for all IP topics to help you make sense of what is new and exciting in this continuously changing area of law.

This all-inclusive practice guide also offers both client counseling and dispute resolution. As of November 2014, the following units have been revised by these leading and practicing U.S. intellectual property attorneys:

•  Chapter 2 Trademark Law Overview by Ethan Horwitz, General Editor and Shareholder at Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, LLP, New York City, New York.
•  Chapter 10 Protecting Designs by Trademarks, Copyrights, and Design Patents: Updated by Howard N. Aronson, Esq. a member of the New York Bar, and a founding partner of Lackenbach Siegel, LLP, Scarsdale, New York.
•  Chapter 27 Export Control of Intellectual Property by Roszel C. Thomsen II and Wesley A. Demory, attorneys at Thomsen and Burke LLP, which provides international trade and export counsel to a wide range of companies.
•  Chapter 101 Post Grant Proceedings under the AIA: Review Proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board by Lissi Mojica and Kevin Greenleaf.
•  Chapter 106 Practice at the International Trade Commission by Ethan Horwitz, Jeffrey M. Telep, Tony V. Pezzano, Thomas C. Lundin Jr., & Taryn K. Williams.