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ISBN: 9780820525648
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The Federal Litigation Package CD-ROM provides you with our flagship resources for practice in the federal courts. Moore’s Federal Practice, a trusted treatise since 1938 and cited in thousands of judicial opinions, gives you detailed analysis of the Federal Rules of Civil, Appellate, and Criminal Procedure, along with extensive coverage of federal jurisdiction and federal courts. Modern Federal Jury Instructions sets out original jury instructions on a wide array of topics, as well as circuit-specific civil and criminal pattern instructions. Weinstein’s Federal Evidence offers authoritative coverage for each of the Federal Rules of Evidence. Bender’s Federal Practice Forms includes the litigation forms you need for federal practice at any level, from U.S. District Courts all the way up to and including the Supreme Court of the United States. Moore’s Federal Rules Pamphlet provides the full text of the federal rules, and a mini-treatise with analysis and case annotations.

Table of Contents

• Moore’s Federal Practice, Third Edition (Civil and Criminal)

• Modern Federal Jury Instructions (Civil and Criminal)

• Weinstein’s Federal Evidence

• Bender’s Federal Practice Forms

• Moore’s Federal Rules Pamphlet