LexisNexis CD - California Workers' Compensation Laws

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ISBN: 9780820525020
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California Compensation Cases, the citable authority for court opinions dealing with workers compensation issues, WCBA panel and en banc decisions, and WCBA decisions denied writ of review.

Also included is Workers' Compensation Laws of California - the only one-stop reference to California workers' compensation statutes and regulations available. This easy-to-use complilation is published annualy after the Legislature adjourns to keep California practitioners abreast of the latest changes in the law.

You will also receive Hanna, California Law of Employee Injuries and Workers' Compensation, a case-winning treatise that provides complete coverage of the substantive and procedural aspects of law, combined with a practical guide to every stage of a case. Occupational Injuries and Ilnesses - the medical analysis you need to prove, refute, or prevent allegations of occupational injury and illness is included as well.