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LexisNexis Automated Forms -- Trust Instruments

This HotDocs-powered practice tool will save you countless hours in drafting more than 40 different types of trusts.
Publisher: LexisNexis
Frequency: (1 issues)
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ISBN: 9781422477601
Publisher: LexisNexis
Frequency: (1 issues)
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Product details

Using HotDocs® technology, LexisNexis has fully automated a collection of more than 40 trust instruments, each one expertly drafted by a top Matthew Bender author who specializes in trust practice. Drafting trusts is difficult, particularly ones tied closely to the federal tax code. Leave the drafting to experts.

Updated annually: New trust instruments will be added to the product annually and existing instruments will be reviewed and, if needed, revised and updated.

Powered by user-friendly, highly reliable HotDocs® software: The leader in legal document-assembly software in America.

Table of Contents

This product includes:

18 Charitable Trusts (including inter vivos and testamentary charitable remainder annuity trusts, inter vivos charitable remainder unitrusts, a charitable lead unitrust and charitable lead annuity trust);

Crummey Trust;

Grantor Trusts (including GRITs, GRATs and GRUTs);

Life Insurance Trusts;

Living Trust for Non-Uniform Trust Code Jurisdictions;

Living Trust for Uniform Trust Code Jurisdictions;

Marital Deduction Trust;

Minor's Trust;

Qualified Domestic Trust;

Qualified Personal Residence Trusts;

Bypass Trust;

Qualified Terminable Interest Property (QTIP) Trust;

Small Business Trust;

Special Needs Trust;

And much more.