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Legal Research Supplement: Exercises on Lexis Advance

Karen L. Wallace, Professor of Law Librarianship, Drake University Law School; Melissa H. Weresh, Professor of Law, Drake University Law School

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4th Edition
ISBN: 9781632840356
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The complimentary eBook, LR&W Supplement: Exercises on Lexis Advance, teaches students how to conduct efficient legal research on Lexis Advance®. Important features:

•   The introduction includes an overview of the Lexis Advance® research system: how it's organized, navigation and how to manage research results.

•   Interesting and engaging exercises give students a realistic client scenario and thought provoking questions to answer through guided and unguided legal research on Lexis Advance®.

•   Basic areas of legal research, common in first-year LR&W curriculum, providing a solid foundation, including secondary sources, case law, statutes, Shepard's®, administrative law and search strategies.

•   Up-to-date product and functionality information are featured throughout

This eBook is an excellent supplement to any assigned legal research course books and workbooks. The eBook can also serve as a refresher on how to conduct efficient legal research on Lexis Advance®.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Lexis Advance®

Chapter 2: Researching Secondary Sources

Chapter 3: Researching Cases

Chapter 4: Researching State and Federal Statutes

Chapter 5: Researching with Shepard's® Citation Service

Chapter 6: Federal Administrative Regulation Research

Chapter 7: Researching Older Versions of Federal Statutes and Legislative History

Chapter 8: Researching Practice Forms and Court Rules

Chapter 9: Researching Transactional Forms