Laws Relating to the Medical Board of California

All the most current laws and regulations in California related to the medical professions.
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Publisher: Michie
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Available only from LexisNexis: Laws Relating to Physicians and Surgeons, Doctors of Podiatric Medicine, Registered Dispensing Opticians, Research Psychoanalysts, Medical Assistants, Perfusionists, Dietitians, and Licensed Midwives.

The California Medical Board and LexisNexis have worked together to create an exceptional publication of Medical Laws.

The new edition includes the most current laws and regulations in California related to the medical professions. The publication includes a comprehensive table of contents, a table of the laws affected by recent legislation, and a comprehensive index.

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Table of contents

Table of 2019 Sections Affected

General Provisions

Division 1. Department of Consumer Affairs

Chapter 1. The Department

Chapter 1.5. Unlicensed Activity Enforcement

Chapter 2. The Director of Consumer Affairs

Chapter 3. Funds of the Department

Chapter 4. Consumer Affairs

Article 3. Powers and Duties
Article 3.6. Uniform Standards Regarding Substance-Abusing
Article 4. Representation of Consumers
Article 5. Consumer Complaints
Article 6. Information
Article 7. Personal Information and Privacy Protection

Chapter 6. Public Members

Chapter 7. Licensee

Division 1.2. Joint Committee on Boards, Commissions, and Consumer Protection [Repealed]

Chapter 1. Review of Boards under the Department of Consumer Affairs [Repealed]

Division 1.5. Denial, Suspension and Revocation of Licenses

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Chapter 2. Denial of Licenses

Chapter 3. Suspension and Revocation of Licenses

Chapter 4. Public Reprovals

Chapter 5. Examination Security

Division 2. Healing Arts

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. Records
Article 1.5. Advocacy for Appropriate Health Care
Article 2. Eyeglasses
Article 4. Frauds of Medical Records
Article 5. Illegal Advertising
Article 6. Unearned Rebates, Refunds, and Discounts
Article 7.5. Health Care Practitioners
Article 9. Inactive License
Article 10. Federal Personnel and Tribal Health Programs
Article 10.5. Unprofessional Conduct
Article 10.7. Opioid Medication
Article 11. Professional Reporting
Article 12. Insurance Fraud
Article 12.5. Mental Illness or Physical Illness
Article 13. Standards for Licensure or Certification
Article 15. Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

Chapter 1.5. Exemption from Licensure

Chapter 1.6. Health Care Professional Disaster Response Act

Chapter 5. Medicine

Article 1. Administration
Article 2. General Provisions
Article 3. License Required and Exemptions
Article 4. Requirements for Licensure
Article 4.5. Osteopathic Requirements For Licensure
Article 5. Foreign Medical Graduates
Article 7. Reciprocity and National Board Diplomate Applications
Article 7.7. Steven M. Thompson Physician Corps Loan Repayment Program [Repealed]
Article 8. Loans to Medical Students [Repealed]
Article 8.5. Special Permits
Article 9. Examinations
Article 10. Continuing Medical Education
Article 10.5. Cultural and Linguistic Competency of Physicians Act of 2003
Article 11. Physician and Surgeon Incentive Pilot Program [Repealed]
Article 11.5. Surgery in Certain Outpatient Settings
Article 12. Enforcement
Article 13. Medical Adjudication
Article 14. Physician and Surgeon Health and Wellness Program
Article 16. Medical Statistics [Repealed]
Article 17. Exemptions from Liability
Article 18. Corporations
Article 18.5. Locum Tenens Services
Article 19. Renewal of Licenses
Article 20. Revenue
Article 21. Provisions Applicable to Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons
Article 22. Podiatric Medicine
Article 23. Alternative Practices and Treatments
Article 24. Licensed Midwives
Article 25. Recommending Medical Cannabis

Chapter 5.1. Research Psychoanalysts [Repealed]

Chapter 5.4. Prescription Lenses

Chapter 5.6. Occupational Therapy

Chapter 5.67. Perfusionists

Chapter 5.7. Physical Therapy

Article 8. Offenses Against this Chapter

Chapter 6. Nursing
Article 8. Nurse Practitioners

Chapter 7. Optometry
Article 3. Admission to Practice
Article 5. Revocation and Suspension

Chapter 7.7. Physician Assistants
Article 1. General Provisions
Article 2. Administration
Article 3. Certification and Approval
Article 4. Revenue
Article 5. Denial, Suspension and Revocation
Article 6. Penalties
Article 6.5. Diversion of Impaired Physician Assistants
Article 7. Osteopathic Physician Assistants
Article 7.5. International Medical Graduate Physician Assistants
Article 8. Physicians’ Assistants Corporations

Chapter 7.8. Polysomnographic Technologists

Chapter 9. Pharmacy

Article 2. Definitions
Article 3. Scope of Practice and Exemptions
Article 4. Requirements for Prescriptions
Article 5. Authority of Inspectors
Article 6. General Requirements
Article 7. Pharmacies
Article 7.5. Sterile Drug Products
Article 7.7. Outsourcing Facilities
Article 9. Hypodermic Needles and Syringes
Article 11. Wholesalers, Third-Party Logistics Providers, and Manufacturers
Article 12. Prescriber Dispensing
Article 13. Nonprofit or Free Clinics
Article 14. Clinics
Article 20. Prohibitions and Offenses
Article 22. Unfair Trade Practices

Chapter 15. Telephone Medical Advice Services

Division 7. General Business Regulations
Part 2. Preservation and Regulation of Competition

Chapter 5. Enforcement
Part 3. Representations to the Public

Chapter 1. Advertising

Article 1. False Advertising in General
Article 2. Particular Offenses


Division 1. Persons
Part 2. Personal Rights
Part 2.6. Confidentiality of Medical Information

Chapter 2. Disclosure of Medical Information by Providers


Division 3. Corporations for Specific Purposes
Part 4. Professional Corporations


Division 9. Evidence Affected or Excluded by Extrinsic Policies

Chapter 3. Other Evidence Affected or Excluded by Extrinsic Policies


Division 17. Support Services

Chapter 2. Child Support Enforcement

Article 2. Collections and Enforcement

Title 1. GENERAL

Division 4. Public Officers and Employees

Chapter 4. Resignations and Vacancies

Article 2. Vacancies

Division 7. Miscellaneous

Chapter 3.5. Inspection of Public Records

Article 1. General Provisions

Title 2. Government of the State of California

Division 3. Executive Department
Part 1. State Departments and Agencies

Chapter 1. State Agencies

Article 9. Meetings

Chapter 2. State Departments
Article 2. Investigations and Hearings

Chapter 4. Office of Administrative Hearings
Article 1. General Provisions
Article 2. Medical Quality Hearing Panel

Chapter 5. Administrative Adjudication: Formal Hearing

Chapter 6. Statutory Salary Equalization Plan

Article 1. Salaries of Specified Positions
Part 2. Constitutional Officers

Chapter 6. Attorney General

Article 2. General Powers and Duties
Part 2.8. Department of Fair Employment and Housing

Chapter 6. Discrimination Prohibited

Article 1. Unlawful Practices, Generally

Title 3. Government of Counties

Division 2. Officers
Part 3. Other Officers

Chapter 1. District Attorney

Article 1. Duties as Public Prosecutor

Chapter 10. Coroner
Article 2. Inquests
Article 2.5. Autopsy


Division 1. Administration of Public Health
Part 1.85. End of Life Option Act (Repealed January 1, 2026)

Division 2. Licensing Provisions

Chapter 1.3. Outpatient Settings

Chapter 2. Health Facilities

Article 1. General
Article 3. Regulations

Chapter 2.2. Health Care Service Plans
Article 2. Administration
Article 5. Standards

Chapter 4.2. Donations of Organs, Tissues, or Body Fluids

Chapter 4.5. The Paul Gann Blood Safety Act

Division 10. Uniform Controlled Substances Act

Chapter 4. Prescriptions

Article 1. Requirements of Prescriptions
Article 2. Prescriber’s Record
Article 3. Copies of Prescriptions
Article 4. Refilling Prescriptions

Chapter 6. Offenses and Penalties
Article 2. Cannabis
Article 2.5. Medical Marijuana Program

Division 20. Miscellaneous Health and Safety Provisions

Chapter 1.4. Human Cloning

Division 102. Vital Records and Health Statistics
Part 1. Vital Records

Chapter 6. Death Registration

Article 1. Duty of Registering Death
Article 2. Responsibility of Attending Physician
Article 3. Responsibility of Coroner
Article 4. Content of Certificate of Death

Chapter 17. Penalties
Article 1. Misdemeanors
Part 2. Population and Public Health Surveillance

Chapter 1.6. Richard Paul Hemann Parkinson’s Disease Program [Repealed effective January 1, 2020]

Chapter 2. Ken Maddy California Cancer Registry

Division 104. Environmental Health
Part 4. Drugs, Devices, and Cosmetics

Chapter 4. Treatment of Cancer and Other Serious Diseases

Article 1. Intent and Definitions
Part 5. Sherman Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Laws

Chapter 6. Drugs and Devices

Article 4.5. Right to Try Act
Article 6. Licenses

Division 105. Communicable Disease Prevention and Control
Part 1. Administration of Communicable Disease Prevention and Control

Chapter 3. Functions and Duties of Local Health Officers
Part 2. Immunizations

Chapter 1. Educational and Child Care Facility Immunization Requirements
Part 4. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Chapter 7. Mandated Blood Testing and Confidentiality to Protect Public Health
Part 5. Tuberculosis

Chapter 1. Tuberculosis Control

Division 106. Personal Health Care (Including Maternal, Child, and Adolescent)
Part 1. General Administration

Chapter 1. Patient Access to Health Records
Part 2. Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health

Chapter 2. Maternal Health

Article 4.6. California Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act
Article 6. Maternal Mental Health

Chapter 4. Adolescent Health
Article 2.5. Youth Sports Concussion Protocols

Division 107. Statewide Health Planning and Development
Part 3. Health Professions Development

Chapter 5. Health Professions Education Foundation Programs

Article 1. Health Professions Education Foundation


Division 1. Department of Industrial Relations

Chapter 5.

Division of Workers’ Compensation

Division 4. Workers’ Compensation and Insurance
Part 2. Computation of Compensation

Chapter 2. Compensation Schedules

Article 2. Medical and Hospital Treatment

Part 4. Prevention of Crimes and Apprehension of Criminals
Title 1. Investigation and Control of Crimes and Criminals

Chapter 1. Investigation, Identification, And Information Responsibilities Of The Department Of Justice

Article 3. Criminal Identification and Statistics

Chapter 2. Control of Crimes and Criminals
Article 2.5. Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act


Division 3. Employment Services Programs
Part 1. Employment and Employability Services

Chapter 4. Programs

Article 1. Eligibility


Division 2. Children
Part 1. Delinquents and Wards of the Juvenile Court

Chapter 2. Juvenile Court Law

Article 10. Dependent Children-Judgments and Orders
Article 18. Wards-Judgments and Orders

Division 4.5. Services for the Developmentally Disabled

Chapter 1.6. General Provisions

Division 9. Public Social Services
Part 3. Aid and Medical Assistance

Chapter 2. California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids Act

Article 4. Relatives’ Responsibility

Chapter 7. Basic Health Care??
Article 1. General Provisions
Article 3. Administration