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Lanier's Texas Personal Injury Forms

By W. Mark Lanier
Publisher: ALM
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3rd Edition

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ISBN: 9781576258958
Publisher: ALM
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Lanier’s Texas Personal Injury Forms book, written by renowned personal injury attorney Mark Lanier of the Lanier Law Firm, will guide you through your entire PI case, soup to nuts. The chapters include:

•  New Client/Initial Intake
•  Pre-Litigation
•  Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
•  Petitions
•  Pending Litigation
•  Discovery
•  Motions
•  Arbitration and Mediation
•  Trial
•  Settlement and Post-trial

NEW for 2015!
1. Instructions to clients regarding their case including social media posts: what documents to retain, etc.
2. Practice tips on damages including what specific language to add to the end of the damages section of petitions.
3. Plaintiff’s motion for designation of expert witnesses
4. Preservation of video evidence
5. Preservation of a motor vehicle
6. Letter to client regarding medical liens
7. Plus, important revisions to mediation forms

Each book comes with a CD of Lanier’s forms.