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Labor and Employment in Georgia: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations & Practices

Publisher: Michie

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ISBN: 9780327009740
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Develop personnel policies and management procedures with confidence, knowing you have the most up-to-date resource available. This essential reference covers all the basic information on the laws, regulations and policies affecting labor and employment in Georgia. Find the answers to all your employment law questions with this guide's easy-to-understand format, everyday language, and practical examples. Regular supplementation assures you accurate, timely information regarding any Georgia or federal employment regulation.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Hiring
Chapter 2 Hours of Work and Payment of Wages
Chapter 3 Health and Safety Standards
Chapter 4 Employment Discrimination Laws
Chapter 5 Performance Appraisal, Progressive Discipline, and Personnel Files
Chapter 6 Employee Privacy
Chapter 7 Defamation and the Employment Relationship
Chapter 8 Labor Relations, Union Organizing, Collective Bargaining, and Strikes
Chapter 9 Employer Liability for Employees' Acts
Chapter 10 Private Health Care and Life Insurance
Chapter 11 Employee Disability, Death and Workers' Compensation
Chapter 12 Employee Retirement Benefits
Chapter 13 Termination of Employment
Chapter 14 Plant Closing and Mass Layoffs
Chapter 15 The Management Audit-A Preventive Tool
Chapter 16 Advisers and Information Sources
Chapter 17 Alternative Dispute Resolution
Appendix A The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
Appendix B The Civil Rights Act of 1991
Appendix C ADA Enforcement Guidance: Preemployment Disability-Related Questions and Medical Examinations