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Labor and Employment in California: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations, and Practices

Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (2 issues)

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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780327124023
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Labor and Employment in California provides easy-to-understand overviews and explanations of complex labor and employment law issues facing today's employers. The book covers issues ranging from hiring to termination, helping you to keep pace with the rapid evolution of law on the state and federal level. Practical tips and lists help bring many important labor and employment concepts into even sharper focus.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Hiring
Chapter 2 Hours of Work and Payment of Wages
Chapter 3 Employer Policies and Policy Manuals
Chapter 4 Family and Medical Leave
Chapter 5 Private Health Care and Life Insurance
Chapter 6 Performance Appraisal, Progressive Discipline, and Personnel Files
Chapter 7 Employee Privacy and Drug Testing
Chapter 8 Imposing Discipline, Demotion, and Termination of Employment
Chapter 9 Defamation, Blacklisting, False Imprisonment, and the Employment Relationship
Chapter 10 Employment Discrimination Laws
Chapter 11 Disability Discrimination and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
Chapter 12 Sexual Harassment
Chapter 13 Arbitration of Employment-Related Claims
Chapter 14 Plant Closings and Mass Layoffs
Chapter 15 Employer Liability for Wrongful Acts of Employees, Agents, and Others
Chapter 16 Insurance Coverage for Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, and Employment-Related Lawsuits
Chapter 17 Health and Safety Standards
Chapter 18 Labor Relations, Union Organizing, Collective Bargaining, and Strikes
Chapter 19 Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability
Chapter 20 Employee Retirement Benefits
Chapter 21 Unemployment Compensation
Appendix A: Resource Directory
Appendix B: "RESERVED"