Kentucky Instructions to Juries (Set)

Kentucky Instructions to Juries provides examples of instructions that are uniform, concise and specific.

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Print Book:Volume 1 = Criminal; Volume 2 =Civil
6th Edition
ISBN: 9781522125860
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6th Edition
ISBN: 9781522125884
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6th Edition
ISBN: 9781522125884
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Kentucky Instructions to Juries provides examples of instructions that are uniform, concise and specific. You'll save time and practice confidently with convenient and authoritative instructions.

The Criminal Instructions, prepared by William S. Cooper, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Kentucky and revised by Donald P. Cetrulo, Former Director of the Administrative Office of the Court, track the language of the statute almost by rote.

The Civil Instructions, prepared by John S. Palmore, Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kentucky, and revised by Donald P. Cetrulo cover civil instructions generally, including negligence, intentional torts, and other civil wrongs.

References to relevant cases following the sample instructions provide source material to aid the attorney in drafting final instructions. Commentary by the authors, provides essential background information, explains the rationale for the language used in the instruction, and offers illuminating comparisons with similar or related instructions: making the commentary as important as the instructions themselves.

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Table of contents

Criminal Instructions

Chapter 1: General Principles

Part 1. Matters of Substance

Part 2. Oral Admonitions

Part 3. Matters of Form and Procedure

Part 4. Matters of Appeal

Chapter 2: Miscellaneous Guilt Phase Instructions

Chapter 3: Assaults and Restraints of Persons

Part 1. Definitions

Part 2. Homicide

Part 3. Assault

Part 4. Abuse

Part 5. Kidnapping and Related Offenses

Part 6: Assisting Suicide

Chapter 4: Offenses Related to Sex and Pornography

Part 1. Definitions

Part 2. Rape

Part 3. Sodomy

Part 4. Sexual Abuse

Part 5. Indecent Exposure

Part 6. First-Degree Unlawful Transaction with a Minor

Part 7. Prostitution

Part 8. Obscenity

Part 9. Sexual Exploitation of Minors

Chapter 5: Damage to or Intrusion Upon Property

Part 1. Definitions

Part 2. Burglary and Trespass

Part 3. Arson

Part 4. Criminal Mischief and Related Offenses

Chapter 6: Robbery, Theft and Related Offenses

Part 1. Definitions

Part 2. Robbery

Part 3. Theft

Part 4. Forgery and Related Offenses

Part 5. Business and Commercial Frauds

Chapter 7: Offenses Against Public and Judicial Administration

Part 1. Definitions

Part 2. Obstruction of Public Administration

Part 3. Escape and Offenses Related to Custody

Part 4. Bribery and Related Offenses

Part 5. Perjury and Related Offenses

Chapter 8: Offenses Against Public Order, Safety and Morals

Part 1. Definitions

Part 2. Riot, Disorderly Conduct, and Related Offenses

Part 3. Offenses Against Privacy of Communications

Part 4. Offenses Relating to Firearms and Destructive Devices

Part 5. Offenses Involving Operating/Manipulation of Watercraft

Part 6. Gambling

Part 7. Miscellaneous Crimes Affecting Businesses, Occupations and Profession

Part 8. Family Offenses

Chapter 9: Controlled Substances

Part 1. Definitions

Part 2. Schedule Substances

Part 3. Marijuana

Part 4. Miscellaneous KRS Chapter 218A Offenses

Part 5. Alcoholic Beverages

Part 6. Assistance Program Benefits

Chapter 10: Complicity and Inchoate Offenses

Part 1. Definitions

Part 2. Complicity

Part 3. Inchoate Offenses

Chapter 11: Defenses

Part 1. Definitions

Part 2. Justification

Part 3. Absence of Criminal Responsibility

Part 4. Miscellaneous Defenses

Chapter 12: Penalty Phase Instructions

Part 1. Misdemeanor Offenses

Part 2. Capital Offenses

Part 3. Felony Offenses

Part 4. Subsequent Offense Enhancement

Part 5. Persistent Felony Offenders

Civil Instructions

Part I: General Principles

Chapter 13: General Principles (Civil Cases)

Part II: Negligence

Chapter 14: Definitions Relating to Negligence

Chapter 15: Animals

Chapter 16: Automobiles

Chapter 17: Electricity

Chapter 18: Elevators and Escalators

Chapter 19: Gas

Chapter 20: Hotel Accommodations

Chapter 21: Lawyer Malpractice

Chapter 22: Liability for the Conduct of Another

Chapter 23: Medical Malpractice

Chapter 24: Owners and Occupiers of Real Estate

Chapter 25: Railroads

Chapter 26: Watercraft

Part III: Intentional Torts

Chapter 27: Abuse of Legal Process

Chapter 28: Assault and Battery

Chapter 29: Conversion

Chapter 30: False Imprisonment

Chapter 31: Fraud and Negligent Misrepresentation

Chapter 32: Trespass

Part IV: Other Civil Instructions

Chapter 33: Agency

Chapter 34: Bailments

Chapter 35: Banks

Chapter 36: Carriers

Chapter 37: Cemeteries

Chapter 38: Contracts

Chapter 39: Damages

Chapter 40: Defamation and Privacy

Chapter 41: Eminent Domain

Chapter 42: Explosives

Chapter 43: Gifts

Chapter 44: Insurance

Chapter 45: Employment

Chapter 46: Joint Tortfeasors

Chapter 47: Land Disputes

Chapter 48: Nuisance

Chapter 49: Products Liability

Chapter 50: Wills

Chapter 51: Outrageous Conduct